• Please find below selected recommendations (including also references obtained from previous partnerships by the Management Board Members of Ambiens Sp. z o.o.).

    • Wento Sp. z o.o.
      "(..)We would like to confirm cooperation with Ambiens that carried out environmental due diligence for our projects.

      We are satisfied with the engagement and service level being offered by Ambiens. Therefore, we consider Ambiens to have very good trade knowledge(..)"

      Wojciech Cetnarski - CEO

    • Eco-Wind Construction S.A.
      ""(..) The project team of Ambiens Sp. z o.o. exhibits rich experience, technical preparation and high commitment to the execution of the entrusted tasks. The strongest characteristic for Ambiens Sp. z o.o. is its flexibility and ability to cooperate in the corporate environment. (..)"

      Krzysztof Dobosz - Technical Director

    • ENWIND Sp. z o.o.
      "(..) The Company fulfilled this order in a fast and efficient way and within the arranged delivery date. Besides which, the Company also provided all the essential explanations, important for understanding the described procedures and adopted assumptions for the executed reports.

      We can recommend Ambiens as a reliable partner for wind projects (..)"

      Alvaro Rodriguez - President of the Board
      Mathieu Richard - Member of the Board

    • E.ON Energie Odnawialne Sp. z o.o.
      "(..) We can recommend Ambiens as a professional and reliable partner (..)"

      Katarzyna Zawartko - Procurement Manager

    • Ekobox S.A.
      "(..) Both projects obtained agreements from the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection. We can recommend Ambiens as a reliable partner for power transmission lines projects (..)"

      Karol Kępa - Project Director

    • Windmatik K.Kasner & P.Barandziak Sp.k.
      „(..) We recommend Ambiens as a responsible and qualified partner, caring for and providing a high level of support for the Client. (..)”

      Piotr Barandziak - Managing Partner

    • GBP Pangaz Sp. z o.o.
      Ambiens was responsible for coordination of work in the field of environmental impact assessment. For this line investment (the Poland-Lithuania gas interconnector in the Hołowczyce-Rembelszczyzna section) - a final decision on environmental conditions was issued

      Jacek Pawlaczyk - Chairman of the Board

    • PZT-Inwestel S.A.
      „(..) The studies were prepared in a professional way and with no reservations, in compliance with the schedule. (..)”

      Roman Bankiewicz - Operational Director

    • Elewi s.c.
      „(..) I hereby grant references to Ambiens and I recommend it as a reliable, experienced and credible partner. (..)”

      Grzegorz Kosiarski - Owner

    • EP Gamów Sp. z o.o.
      „(..) Ambiens performed our order - the annual chiropterological monitoring of a wind farm consisting of 18 turbines in the Silesian Voivodeship. The prepared report from the conducted inventory received a positive opinion from the Regional Environmental Protection Management. (..)”

      Karolina Zgol - Vice-President of the Management Board

    • WEO Wielkopolskie Energie Odnawialne Sp. z o.o.
      „(..)It is with great satisfaction that we state the fact that the aforementioned project, based on the studies prepared by AMBIENS, was positively evaluated by the Regional Management of Environmental Protection in Poznan and by the State Sanitary Inspector. (..)”

      Lutz Regel - President of the Management Board

    • Windmill
      „(..) The service was performed professionally, swiftly, in compliance with the earlier assumptions, and with considerable engagement and initiative from the Contractor (..) On the basis of The report prepared by Ambiens, environmental approval for our project was given. (..)”

      Radosław Górka - Owner

    • Windprojekt Sp. z o. o. S.K.A.
      „(..) I hereby recommend Ambiens with full responsibility as a reliable business partner, guaranteeing high quality for the projects completed by them. (..)”

      Wojciech Poturalski - Member of the Management Board

    • Willisch Wind Company
      „(..) The tasks entrusted to them were executed according to the agreed schedule and scope. Particular attention must be drawn to the engagement and professionalism of Ambiens’ employees. (..)”

      Robert Willisch - Owner

    • Operandi Sp. z o. o.
      „(..)All of the above facts result in us recommending AMBIENS to potential future customers as a reliable business partner. (..)”

      Mariusz Stanek - Investment Director

    • Semix S. Fabiańczyk
      „(...) There were no reservations on the part of coordinating authorities with regards to the aforementioned projects with Ambiens (...)”

      Sebastian Fabiańczyk - Owner

    • Semix S. Fabiańczyk
      „(..) We evaluate our cooperation with Ambiens as very successful, meeting with both ours and the direct investor’s (PTC Sp. z o.o) expectations. Therefore, we consider Ambiens to be a reliable, competent and creditable partner, deserving of our recommendations. (..)”

      Sebastian Fabiańczyk - Owner

    • Semix S. Fabiańczyk
      „(..) The subject of the contract was performed efficiently and responsibly, in compliance with the currently binding legal regulations, best practice and guidelines recommended by PWEA, and in compliance with the requirements of the Regional Director for Environmental Protection. (..)”

      Sebastian Fabiańczyk - Owner

    • Windmatik K.Kasner & P.Barandziak Sp.k.
      „(..) The reports for monitoring studies conducted received a positive opinion from the Regional Director for Environmental Protection. As I speak, decisions regarding environmental conditions have been already made on their basis. (...)”

      Kamil Kasner - Managing Partner

    • Kamil Mierzejewski & Tomasz Hreczuch
      „(..) Based on the study conducted, reports have been prepared by the aforementioned company investigating the impact of the planned wind investments on avifauna and chiropterofauna. The works entrusted to them were executed in compliance with currently binding trade guidelines and best practice. (..)”

      Kamil Mierzejewski and Tomasz Hreczuch - Owners

    • Elektrowiatr s.c.
      "(..)This study has been undertaken in a professional way and with the utmost care. We can recommend Ambiens with a clear conscience to future clients. (..)"

      Krzysztof Łakomski - Owner

    • PPHU Elektroplasmet Adam Roguski
      "(..)The cooperation was very good, and the professionalism of management and employees as regards the above-mentioned reports is very high(..)"

      Adam Roguski - Director

    • Future One sp z o.o.
      "(..)To underline in addition a commitment and a versatility of the scope of performed tasks , that shows wide knowledge of specialists , in relation to topic of environmental protection (..)"

      Piotr Flak - President of the Management Board

    • Elektrowiatr S.C.
      "(..)Both photovoltaic projects received the RDOŚ Poznań decision of lack of neccesity to prepare a Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Impact Assessment We assessed Ambiens z o.o. as competent, effective in its actions and timely business partner (..)"

      Krzysztof Łakomski - Owner

    • Clima-teko
      "(..) I recommend Ambiens company as a responsible and qualified partner, taking care about the high level of trade partner service. Considering the high level of professionalism and reliability performed ​​expertise I declare willingness to continue cooperation (..)"

      Tomasz Hyrc- Owner

    • ENGA sp. z o.o.
      "(..)The order was executed professionally, according to the best standards. We are planning to continue cooperation with Ambiens company durning subsequent projects(..)"

      Jacek Rekuć-Member of the Management Board